Reiki International School | The School
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The School

RIS Reiki International School is aimed at all kinds of students. The main goal is the evolution which involves body, mind and spirit.

Reiki students learn how to be aware of energy; in addition they learn about having an own energy field, which is surrounded by a wider energy field.

Reiki students of RIS International School learn to feel their personal energy which goes through body and hands. Feeling the energy students become independent following their personal and spiritual evolution.

The purpose of RIS International School is to make aware people to let them free and independent from teachers, schools and any other form of external standard.

Our Reiki school doesn’t follow any religion. Everyone can follow his own beliefs if he wishes. Reiki is taught following the quantum physics’ teaching.

The mission of RIS International School is to give greater awareness to the students. They do not have to follow any strict rule or dogma. The main purpose is the listening of your heart. Moreover students learn how to customize Reiki treatments as needed.

Reiki students learn how to get out of the mental using the heart.

The Reiki Masters graduate from the RIS – International Reiki School will teach Reiki following the principles of respect and love. The essential thing is the spreading of spiritual freedom and self-awareness.

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