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26 Sep Ten Thieves of Energy


The list of 10 energy thieves, or 10 situations of impoverishment energertico was drafted by the Dalai Lama. It is emotional situations in which you lose energy and that is your life energy is sucked you and you feel weak, you lose also the mastery of your life and the choices you make when you let yourself get emotionally involved. This type of emotional situation or contacts are to be avoided if you want to feel good, be yourself or yourself and if you want to be happy and free to make your life!

The list of the 10 thieves in energy and related instructions to avoid to let you remove or suck your life energy staff .

1) Let go of people who share nothing but complaints , problems , stories disastrous , fear and judgment on others. If anyone looking for a trash can to throw his garbage, does not mean that your mind , your emotions , your energy .

2) Pay your debts on time . At the same time do you have to pay or to those who choose to let him go, if he can not do now .
Keep your promises . If you did not , ask yourself why you find it difficult .

3) You always have the right to change my opinion , apologize , compensate, renegotiate and offer an alternative to a broken promise , but do not become a habit.

4) The easiest way to avoid doing something that you promise to do and say NO immediately .

5) Remove the can and delegate the tasks you prefer not to do and enjoy your time to do the ones you like .

6) Allow yourself to rest when you need them and given permission to act if you have a good opportunity .

7) Delete what you do not need , collect and organize, nothing will take more energy to space messy and full of things of the past now that you no longer need .

8) It gives priority to your health, without the machinery of your body working to the maximum , you can not do much. Take breaks .

9) Deals with situations that are toxic to tolerate , to redeem a friend or family member , to tolerate negative actions of a partner or a group , take the necessary action.

10) Accept. Not for resignation , but nothing makes you lose more energy to argue with a situation that can not change.
Forgive , let go of a situation that is causing pain , you can always choose to leave the pain of remembrance.


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