Reiki International School | Stop smoking
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Stop smoking

Smoking is a bad habit extremely difficult to eradicate, quitting smoking can be very difficult because the smoke over to show us in a physical dependence on a substance (nicotine) carries with it implications to the deeper layers of our being.

From at the holistic point of view this bad habit has deep roots in our cellular memories, it is an addiction rooted in us often tied to our personal history and the past, and often not enough to recognize ‘that smoking is bad’ to quit smoking .

Stop smoking feel strong in us the desire to smoke and more likely this bad habit is the direct result of loose knots in us, that lead us to repeat incessantly, sometimes compulsively, the same gestures and the same ritual. Most of these acts were part of us forever, we cannot conceive of a life without smoking, because smoking and we are now the same thing.

And so the smoke accompanies us in every moment of our life, the beautiful moments are celebrated with a deep breath, as well as the bad times, when we are under stress, smoking seems to give us the confidence that we try to move forward.

But this is an illusion of the mind: the mind is reluctant to change, makes us believe that smokeless beautiful moments will be less beautiful and ugly moments will be more difficult to deal with.

But why quitting smoking is so difficult?

Quitting smoking is difficult because our mind is opposed to the change. The mind is afraid of changing because it is so accustomed to the rites to be seen in the rites of the same points of reference with respect to their patterns.

I repeat what I have said elsewhere, that we are not our mind, the mind is only a tool, and identify with it often leads us to follow the bad habits.

Quitting smoking means to regain control of our mind and liberate your mind and body from a bad habit that has deep roots.

Reiki can help you stop smoking

In my experience I have found useful treatments of smokers using specific techniques that allow you to get to the bottom is on the mental plane than on the physical ‘cleaning up’ the cellular memories of the person from smoking.

I have to say that among the people that I have dealt with so far none of these techniques has started smoking again, I’m not saying this with Reiki you stop smoking for sure, but that can be a good help for those who want to quit.

I repeat here a fundamental concept of Reiki: When does a Reiki treatment, the operator is simply a channel through which the energy flows.

It is not the Reiki practitioner to be a proponent of healing but is Energy. This is good to remember forever.

So if you quit smoking with Reiki always thanks the Energy that has allowed us to get rid of this bad habit!

Returning to the treatment for quitting smoking here is the chart that I personally apply:

  • First week: 4 treatments of 1 hour (body & mental treatment)
  • Second week: 4 treatments for half an hour (body & mental treatment)
  • Third week: 2 treatments of half hour (body & mental treatment)
  • Fourth week: 2 half hour treatments (body & mental treatment)
  • Fifth week: 1 treatment 1 hour
  • Sixth week: 1 treatment 1 hour

The person being treated should not prevail to quit smoking, it will be the bad habit of smoking to abandon it, it often happens that after the first treatment the person does not have the desire to smoke for a few days and then resume smoking in the following days.

So it is important to perform frequent treatments in the first weeks to completely eradicate this bad habit.