Reiki International School | Self-treatment Reiki
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Self-treatment Reiki

Self-treatment REIKI

Self-treatment REIKI

In the practice of Reiki, self-treatment is a wonderful practice that we do for ourselves, and it is an extremely important moment . It is essential to have received the harmonies of the first level in order to deal with Reiki. It ‘s also important not only for treating other people, but dedicating treatment to cleanse ourselves and our channels.

There is a time when we dedicate ourselves to send love, light, energy healing, balance of our energy system and It is often recommended in the evening, in bed, before falling asleep. But it can be done at any time of the day, the important thing is for us is to take this half hour, unplug the phones, not to be disturbed. We can sit on a chair, on a couch or the floor, or we can also treat lying down.

Self-treatment Reiki

Self-treatment Reiki

It is very impressive and helps for the purpose to accompany the self-treatment with relaxing music, Reiki music, or the sounds of nature, or instruments as sweet as the harp. We can also turn on a stick flavored with sandalwood, or incense, Indian spiritual, and possibly light a white candle to give to our most sacred moment.

It starts with the centering of the heart for those who want to, but is not mandatory, however Reiki works just endorse your hands. Here your hands start to heat up and the operator is channeling Reiki, which is precisely the energy of love. Expect in this position about three minutes.

At this point we put both hands with the fingers together to avoid wasting energy, on the top of the head. We remain in this position possibly with eyes closed for three minutes. Then pulling a hand at a time, we pass our hands over our eyes, you right hand on your right, the other on the left. We take three minutes also here . After we bring the hands behind the head on the neck and slightly above for three minutes.


Hand Positions of body in the REIKI self-treatment

Then put both hands on the throat, always moving one hand at time. Always three minutes. After we pass to the heart putting the two hands close and parallel between them. Again we remain three minutes. Then we go down and pass the stomach placing your hands parallel and close together and we still three minutes. We go down again and put pur hands on our stomach in the same way. Always three minutes.

Shifting a hand at a time, let your right hand on your right goin, and the left hand on the left groin and we wait three minutes. When we finish, we thank the Reiki energy, and there we rub our hands to close the contact. If you feel your palms are still very hot, wash your hands under running water.

A Reiki operator, at any level, should never neglect the self-care, because, as in all disciplines, in order to heal others, first of all, we have also take care of ourselves. Constantly practicing the Reiki self-treatment, is detoxifying and is also a good practice of purification.

During the period of self-treatment , drink pure water, tea and herbal teas, and use salt for bathing in water, to assist the process of purification and detoxification.