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Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoko – Lineage

The origins and history of Reiki Mikao Usui – Usui – Hayashi – Takata


Mikao Usui was born in the village Taniai-Mura 15 August 1865. Buddhist Tendai school, he visited Europe and America and studied in China. He hoped to succeed in life, but encountered many difficulties. Depressed because of those troubles, Usui climbed the sacred mountain Kurama in Kyoto (the ancient capital of Japan) and after having meditated without food for twenty-one days, he suddenly felt a great energy on himself, was enlightened and obtained the reiki treatment . Initially, reiki treatments only to himself and members of his family, finding out its immediate effectiveness. Mikao Usui decided it was better to share the benefits of this technique with the entire population, rather than to use it only to enrich his own family. In 1922, in Aoyama, Tokyo, Mikao Usui founded the “Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai” to teach Reiki. People came from far away to be able to submit to the Usui Reiki treatments. In September 1923, there was a great earthquake, and he cured and saved many peoples.
Mikao Usui died March 9, 1926 in Fukuyama in the vicinity of the city of Hiroshima.

Chujiro Hayashi (1879-1940) was a captain of the Imperial Japanese Navy. A student of Mikao Usui, he became Reiki Master (Reiki teacher) in 1925, after he retired from the navy. He opened his Reiki clinic in Shinano-Cho, Tokyo, and had the great merit of spreading the Reiki technique in most of Japan, although slightly changed from the one taught to him by Master Mikao Usui.
Hawayo Takata (1900-1980), daughter of a Japanese lady but native of Hawaii, Hayashi came to the clinic after the 2 tumors were diagnosed at an advanced stage. Thanks to Dr. Hayashi Reiki treatments, and intensive care units, namely multiple operators simultaneously treated her five Reiki, Mrs. Takata was completely healed in four months. He remained as a student in the Japanese clinic for about a year before returning to Hawaii, where she was born. Hayashi went to visit her in Hawaii in 1938 and had become a Reiki Master. Mrs. Takata try to adapt the technique to the traditional Japanese Reiki mentality occidentale.La Mrs. Takata then opened his school, and she created twenty-two Reiki Master Reiki the method by which to heal with your hands spread throughout the West.