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Reiki Master – Course and Preparation

Becoming a REIKI MASTER is an important choice, and it is the completion of a course.

First of all, it is essential to wait for a certain period of time from the 1st and 2nd level of Reiki. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time when we speak about the 2 parts of the 3rd level Reiki, as they were originally performed together. In recent years they have been divided in order to simplify the path.

This period can’t be a fixed rule, as the preparation and the practice are on a spiritual level, always individual. The conscientious teacher of Reiki must be able to assess whether the candidate is ready or if it is instead necessary to do more practice.

Reiki is a gift of the Universe, and it’s a spiritual practice, as there are no strict rules, but so is our life itself, a gift of the universe in which we all have free will.

Often we talk about training preparation, but I don’t think that it is necessary. The practitioner may be invited to participate in some seminar, as a free choice.

However, there is a personal preparation for the aspiring Reiki Master:

A 21 days Reiki Self-Treatment (3 weeks), lasting about 20-25 minutes. The 21 treatments correspond to the 21 days of meditation practiced by dr. Mikao Usui in Japan on the sacred mountain before displaying the symbols of Reiki and when receiving the Reiki self-activation.

In that period it is advisable to follow a process of purification and detoxification, drink plenty of mineral water (minimum 2 liters per day), avoid heavy foods, cakes and creams, fried foods, animal fats, fatty cheese, too much coffee or too much chocolate (it’s better drink herbal tea with honey or barley malt, barley coffee or cereal without limitation); avoid meat at least during the last week, especially the red meat and pork; fruits and vegetables are very recommended, preferably raw, rice, pasta, cereals, seitan, extra virgin olive oil.

In the morning, before activating a Reiki Master, it is advisable to take a bath with warm water/hot water with sea salt, preferably raw and integral (unrefined).

If there’s no time for the night bath, you can do the night before the course, before you go to bed, then change clothes, pajamas, sheets, giving preference to white garments, to keep the clean energy until the next day, and up to the time of activation a Reiki Master.

It’s also recommended a spiritual practice customized, according to the faith of the person; it could be meditation, yoga, relaxation, dialogue with a spiritual master…


Reiki is universal, not tied to a single faith but is open to anyone of any creed or religion may be.

Once you become REIKI MASTER, you have the ability to initiate other people on the 1st level of Reiki, the 2nd level and prepare to turn other Reiki Masters.

Anyone can access the first level, while it is more difficult to access to the second level as it can send Reiki at a distance and do some mental treatment on the person.

For the aspirant Reiki Master, the preparation is harder.

We should never forget that every one of us has a free will, and none of us can interfere in life or in the choices of another person, so a Master mustn’t impose anything to the student, but she/he can only give advice on activities and on the spiritual practice of Reiki.

To do later activations to the others, once you become Reiki master, you should spend at least 2 months to do the first few levels, approximately 4-6 months from the Master to make the second level, about 6 months, sometimes even a year to do other Reiki Masters; it depends on the individual preparation of the new master.

At the end of the course you will receive the manuals and the certificate issued by the Reiki Master Reiki Traditional School – RIS Reiki International School.

The new Reiki Master Reiki teacher must prepare other handouts to be delivered to their students and certificates which are then released from school or center or association of which the teacher is part of, and they must be signed by the Reiki Master’s rapporteur the Reiki course.

With the hope of a life ever more brightly.

Monica Giovine

Reiki Master since ’94