Reiki International School | Reiki Usui – 2nd Level
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Reiki Usui – 2nd Level of Reiki


The second level concerns the mental level and practice on others. 
During the course of Reiki Usui, participants receive one-time activation with the 3 Reiki Usui symbols.

The symbols are the REIKI Level 2 :

  1. Cho Ku Rei
  2. Sei He Ki
  3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

By the second level you can increase your Reiki energy to where it is necessary: cleanse the house, premises, water, food, objects, treat the unconscious of people, especially in cases where there is a desire in one part of the person to change but it is difficult to implement, due to habits or scripts. For example, to stop smoking, to start a diet, to overcome shyness, to have a higher self-esteem, to make any personal decision, emotional or work, or when you do not have the courage to take decisions or sometimes or having a change

In addition, by the second level Reiki Usui it is possible to send healing energy and love of Reiki to people who are not close to us but who need help at any given time. For example, a person who is not well, a guy who has to deal with an exam at the university, someone who has to go on a journey or a job interview or a medical examination. There are so many cases in order to help a person giving strength, love, courage, self-esteem. During the course you can have important experiences, meditations, trade.

We deliver manuals and certificate issued by the 2nd level Reiki Traditional Reiki School