Reiki International School | REIKI Teate
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Japanese Reiki Techniques – REIKI Teate

Healing techniques related to Japanese Reiki or Usui Teate (the touch of Usui) Advansed are also called Reiki. These techniques are practiced by the traditional Japanese school Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and introduced from Japan in the West for several years.

Some of these techniques of healing with Reiki has been disclosed by Hiroshi Doi Sensei, Japanese Reiki Master Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, and Arjava Petters, Reiki master of German origin, directly in touch with some Japanese Reiki Master Reiki lineage from Mikao Usui Sensei up to  Hiroshi Doi Sensei.

Researching the origins of Reiki Usui in Japan, the original country of Reiki, Arjava Petters has found the tombstone of Mikao Usui Sensei, and then subsequently discovered Reiki Ryoho Hikkei namely the original Handbook of Mikao Usui Sensei.

Meditation technique to increase the channeling of Reiki energy.

The main parts of the ‘Hatsurei-I are:

  • Meditation Gasso
  • Meditation to relax and get in tune with Reiki energy
  • Joshin kokyu-ho

Breathing exercise to cleanse the body, mind and soul, the spiritual part.

This technique serves to strengthen energy and get away from people, things, situations, thoughts and emotions. During the ‘Hatsurei-ho, in every meeting of the Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, Reiki practicing teachers Reiju, have initiation or activation of the channels of Japanese Reiki and the  increased possibility of channeling energy from the students.


An analytical exercise – energy scan of the body of the person treated, to find energetic imbalances, empty, full or tension and then intervene with Reiki.


Reiji is a Japanese word that means “indication of the spirit.” It is a direct connection with the Reiki energy, as well as make us aware that we are the channels of manifestation of the universal energy of Reiki, and allows us to increase our capacity for intuition, perception and listening energy. Through this technique, the healing hands are guided in areas of the body where there is a vacuum energy or if there are conditions in place, as a low energy level or psychosomatic or physical level – poster. With Reiji-ho whole body becomes an instrument of Reiki energy.

Replacement of the blood (divided into partial replacement parts and total). Stimulation technique energy, partially taught in the West as a form of closure of a treatment contact, the technical reality autonomous and very energetic.

Chiryo Tanden-ho
Treatment and healing through Tanden (according to Chinese medicine) or Hara (according to the Japanese medicine) point energy three fingers below the navel, the seat of vital energy and soul

Hesso Chiryo-ho
Energy balancing technique through the umbilicus contact with the hand or fingers

Jacki-kiri Joka-ho
Mineral processing and purification of objects through the Reiki energy

Send Reiki through the eyes and then look

Send Reiki through the breath and then exhale

S. Chiryo-ho
Technique to transform letting go of negative habits or transforming them into positive

Enkaku Chiryo-ho
Technique to send distant Reiki to people or things

Sashin Chiryo-ho
Advanced technique for remote processing to persons or property

Reiki Mawashi
Reiki circle or circle of Light

Shu chu Reiki
Treatment group with more Reiki practitioners who are dedicated to heal a person: 4 people: 8 Hand, 5 persons: 10 hands etc … can also be 10 or 15 Reiki practitioners of a person treated in the energy chain unbroken, it is a very strong treatment for those who receive it.

Kotodama or Jumon
Use of sacred sounds, the names of the Reiki symbols are chanted as a mantra to repeat or issued a long sound through hara

Activation energy of Reiki which can be of various levels