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Reiki Master
The Course and the Path to becoming a Reiki Master – Reiki teaching

When Traditional Reiki Mikao Usui, called in Japanese Usui Shiki Ryoho, had arrived in Italy (as Usui Reiki), all the path for REIKI consisted of 3 levels in total: Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master who included “also” the 3rd level, or better yet, the Reiki Master Course was already the 3rd level Reiki.

At the beginning (for us), when Reiki had arrived in Italy, in the late 80s, the cost to achieve the level of Reiki Master was unfortunately very high, and this fact, for obvious reasons, created a lot of discussions, there were those who disagreed, and there were those who didn’t.

Personally, I have always been very opposed to those so high old prices (back in the early 90s) since we were talking about REIKI = Universal Energy entering vital energy.

Over the years, many traditional system Usui Reiki Masters decided to split the 3rd level + the level of Master, to give one possible meaning to all people to be able to conclude the path REIKI, even if they would not teach; then they would not spend so much.

Many people had the possibility to do only the 3rd level spending affordable and reasonable prices, and knowing that they have completed all the Reiki attunements.

Fortunately, over the years, the path costs for REIKI Master have changed and have subsided a lot, (thank goodness) and also the route itself was reduced; in fact, in the 90s, Reiki Masters asked the students, to be their assistants to “learn how to manage groups of Reiki” and to have the Master level, another thing I disagreed, because the Reiki Master is a human being who sends universal energy, so a channel must be humble.

During the course of Reiki Masters in our school, REIKI gathers every aspect of the management of courses at all levels; especially, we delivered all the material to be able to hold and manage the courses of Reiki itself.

Actually, what really matters is to get to the activation of REIKI Master after having made 21 self-treatments on themselves, having had experience with other levels of Reiki.

You must have a healthy diet and possibly light for about 3 days, or at least the day before, to get the activation Reiki Master with a “light” internal energy (KI), and the day before having a bath in water and salt to purify themselves, or possibly even the same morning, before you get to the activation of Reiki Master.

• People who have a Reiki level 2 write to me telling me they want to achieve at the Reiki Master.

• I also get e-mails from people who have completed the course of 3rd level Reiki and want to become a Reiki Master since they studied with someone who divided the 3rd Level Reiki in a first part and a second part, separating the 3rd Level Reiki with the teaching, the course of Reiki Master.

I don’t think we can speak of a “rule” but rather of a custom path, in fact, both ways are fine, it depends on the availability, the convenience and the preference of the student. The 2 modes are both effective in exactly the same way.

Personally I’d split the 3rd-level Reiki and the Reiki Master for a long time also, and above, all to simplify things to the student, by splitting the program into 2 parts, leaving here the whole part about learning how to make activations during teaching, that is, the Reiki Master.

Of course for those who want this solution (Level 3 divided into 2 parts) also the price will be divided. It’s a free will of the student.

It is certainly possible to attend the 3rd level + REIKI Master together as it was at the beginning of the traditional system of Usui, called REIKI Usui, especially for those people who live far away from our school of REIKI or are not in London.

Here below, you can see the costs of the final journey to become a Reiki Master.

From the beginning of 2012, the costs of the courses cost have again lowered, to allow everyone to become a Reiki Master. The costs of the courses in our school of REIKI comply with the current prices in Europe and Asia and lately also to the costs of Reiki in the USA.

If you decide to make the Level 3 – Reiki Master and then separately as is often done today, we take appointment for 2 different days.

If you prefer to do the Reiki Master with the traditional method, and then in a whole day (all together including 3rd level REIKI & REIKI Master – teaching to impart activations), you now have an additional discount: £. 450 instead of £. 500.

All costs of the courses REIKI have already been discounted by 50% from the initial cost.

List of all the material that will be delivered by our school during the course of REIKI REIKI Master:

Illustrated REIKI MANUALS that you will need when you will teach in your Reiki courses + 4 Covers ready to be printed, with YOUR name (see the list of resources among the contents of the USB stick that will be delivered)

  1. Manual 1st Level Reiki
  2. Manual 2nd Level REIKI
  3. Manual 3rd Level Reiki
  4. Manual REIKI Master

Certified Reiki Master payable to you and issued by the school of REIKI – “RIS – Reiki International School


• – The 4 Covers for your Reiki manuals (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Reiki Master) in WORD format (so changeable), with your full name REIKI Master already printed. Use them for Reiki Manuals for your students; we will give you a copy in physical form (paper) for the manual.

• – The 4 Degrees of Reiki Certificate (a diploma for each level Reiki) in WORD format (so changeable), with the student’s name left blank (you can fill it), and with your name and surname as a Reiki Master, already printed. In this way, you already have your REIKI diplomas ready for your students; you just have to choose the right paper and print them.

• – NEW! – Inside, you’ll find the USB stick the MP4 – MOVIES of activations traditional Usui Reiki with vocal explanation step by step during the simulation of the activations; you may try at home, in this way you’ll have the assurance of learning well to do activations. (Of course we will see better all activations and procedures during the course of your Reiki Master).

• – 1 MP3 audio that explains the procedure of the Reiki attunements and the difference between all Reiki attunements.

• – 4 MP3 Audios: 1) Sound with REIKI music lasting 1 hour to accompany the treatments REIKI – 2) Spiritual music suitable to accompany activations REIKI – 3) Self-guided Reiki treatment audio that you can use with your students when you hold courses in Reiki Level 1. 4) Chakra’s guidance meditation, audio of 30 minuts. All MP3 Audios will be placed in the USB key with the video of the activations.

• – 1 MP3 audio s with scientific explanations about Reiki and energy; it can be useful for your courses in Reiki Level 1, such as scientific explanations for more “rational” students.

• – 5 MP4 Videos with images or Eastern or New Age Wellness and SPA background music with Reiki, useful during your seminars Reiki Level 1 Reiki, as an accompaniment to trade do you do to your students when you teach Reiki.

• – Colored Chakras Guide that you can use during your Reiki Level 1 courses or to give to your students.

• – Various manuals in PDF format with explanations of the symbols of Reiki and Reiki ideograms.

In addition to…

• You will be placed in the FREE ‘full list of recognized Reiki Masters who completed the course with Monica Giovine, Reiki school since ’94 – RIS – Reiki International School – INTERNATIONAL LIST OF REIKI MASTERS

• After you have completed the course in Reiki Master you have obtained the title of Reiki Master will NOT need anything, you’re officially a Reiki Master Teacher.

A bright embrace REIKI

Monica Giovine

Reiki Master since ’94 – Traditional Usui Reiki Master – Master Komyo Reiki – Karuna Reiki Master