Reiki International School | Reiki Coaching 3rd Level
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Reiki Coaching 3rd Level

The 3rd level Reiki is the preparation for the Reiki Master course.
In the past, the levels of Reiki were 3 in total, the first level Reiki, Reiki second level, third level Reiki was already the Reiki Master course.
To facilitate learning, a few years ago many centers and many Reiki Master in the world have decided to split the level in the third level Reiki Master and Reiki Master.
There isn’t a fourth level.

The third level is the preparation for the Reiki Master and Reiki Master is the completion of the third level.
During the third level of Reiki you will learn the latest symbols of energy that has left us Mikao Usui, you learn to use the latest Reiki symbols or symbols of power, we speak of anatomy, which is essential to take courses in Reiki, you will learn the meaning of psychosomatic energy or disease.

You receive the activation with the ultimate symbol of power of Mikao Usui, the symbol Daikomyo, and receive the 5th symbol, Raku, added in the 90s for those who want it.
The 3rd level is to all intents and purposes the preparation for teaching. It is distinguished from the Reiki Master course because in the Reiki Master course you will learn the Reiki activations for any level.
The division between the 3rd level Reiki Master and has been created to facilitate learning and also the payment of the Reiki Master course.
Namely the course for 3rd level is divided into 2 times also the payment is split in 2 times.
Of course if you want you can do the courses of 3rd level Reiki and Reiki Master as he had always been in origin.
Most people do so, attend the course of the 3rd level with complete course of Reiki Master.
The course of the 3rd level with Reiki Master or without Reiki Master can be individual by appointment in London.