Reiki International School | Reiki Coaching 2nd Level
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Individual Course of REIKI 2nd level by appointment in London – Schedule:

  • We meet at 11.00 then we start to review the REIKI positions, pausing on REIKI holistic healing for each position and how we are going to harmonize the BODY / MIND / SPIRIT.
  • After we see the 3 Reiki symbols of the 2nd level, we learn how to draw them, we know the matra (names), their history, their meaning and their use.
  • Then we proceed to the REIKI activation before lunch, where the 3 symbols are printed onto your hands and your chakras.
  • Then we have a lunch break at around 13.00 or for as long as we agree together.
  • After lunch we meet and see how to use all the 3 Reiki symbols of the 2nd level, how to increase energy, how to purify the house, how to make mental treatment, how to realize the treatments on distance for a person, several people (groups ), for families, events, situations, places.
  • At the end of the course you will be given the 2° Level REIKI Diploma, issued by the school “R.I.S. – Reiki International school” which shows that you have received the activation on level 2 and teachings of Reiki 2nd level.