Reiki International School | Reiki Coaching 1st Level
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Individual Course of REIKI 1st Level by appointment in London – Schedule:

  • We meet at 11.00 and start the individual course of Reiki, we talk about the history of Mikao Usui Reiki and how it developed, how it works and what Reiki is, about energy, what is and what is NOT REIKI
  • Then we do the first activation REIKI before lunch.
  • Then we have a break at around 13.00 or so, for as long as we agree together.
  • After lunch we meet and do the 2nd activation Reiki, then continue talking about energy and chakras, we see REIKI self-treatment and try to do it.
  • Then do the 3rd activation REIKI, after we see the complete Reiki treatment on other people, the faster processor, the first aid treatment, the treatment of localized REIKI, dealing REIKI with children, with the aged, animals (dogs and cats),the plants, water, food. We see the principles of Reiki who Mikao Usui left us.
  • Finally, we do the 4th activation REIKI and six complete in terms of energy to be able to perform Reiki treatments.
  • At the end, you will be given a Diploma of Reiki 1° Level issued by the school “R.I.S. – Reiki International School“, which shows that you have received the 4 Reiki attunements and then you can do Reiki treatments on other people.