Reiki International School | Pregnant women
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Pregnant women

Reiki is very good for pregnant women and their babies.

The child is very receptive and Reiki helps him to grow well.

Of course you can do Reiki Reiki for pregnant women and does well both to them and to the fetus / baby.

Is useful to do Reiki all over the body, especially the stomach if you have nausea and stomach is fine, the baby hears it and does well.

Also treat the head is fine to give peace of mind and emotional.

As it says in shiatsu (not sure if you explained it), it is best to avoid the points of the kidneys, so should be avoided soles of the feet. Unless you are a professional reflexologist who knows what specific points to stimulate and what not to touch and in what direction, the soles of the feet never mind.

Under the sole of the foot we have the point YIN body, tied to the land, KIDNEY 1, which is a magnet that leads to the ground and threatens to turn the fetus to the exit too early.

So considering this measure everything else is fine, quietly doing Reiki to the mother and her baby in the belly and make them extra-fine!