Reiki International School | Monica Giovine
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Coaching and Personal Growth

monica_giovine_1Personal Coach, Professional Life Coach Certified NLP Italy Coaching School.

Master Practitioner NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming – Recognized and certified by the American Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming directly from Dr. Richard Bandler.

Personal Coach specializing in personal, interpersonal and social relationships. Love & Relationships Coach and Family Coach. Recognized by ICF – International Coach Federation.

Author for Personal Training

Author of books, e-books, multimedia courses and digital products related to personal development for OlisMultimedia, the mark of the courses digital energetic disciplines and meditations online.

For many years, She is the author of articles and author and trainer of audio-courses for PiuChePuoi, (More than you can) the Italo Pentimalli’s Italian portal for personal growth followed every day by thousands of people from around the world.

Author of “Il Tuo Coach” (your coach) italian portal of personal life coaching.


Traditional Usui Reiki Master since ’94, recognized by the Reiki Alliance.

Karuna Reiki Master recognized and registered to ‘International Center of Reiki Training in the USA and certified directly by William Lee Rend.

Komyo Reiki Master recognized by Komyo Reiki Kay (Japanaise style) certified directly by the Master Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei.

Olistic Disciplines – Body Mind Spirit

Shiatsu Operator by European shiatsu Institute, Zen Shiatsu of Matsunaga Sensei style.

Psycho -somatic Naturopath and kinesiology – certified from RIZA Psychosomatic school in Milan, Italy.

Channeling teacher and introspection of the scientific style of Barbara Ann Brennan, NASA scientist.

Teacher of chromotherapy and traditional Chromopuncture dr. Peter Mandel from ’96 certified by the School of Medicine by Dr. Esogetic directly, Peter Mandel and Dr. Giuseppina Arturi.

Flower Therapist since ’97 FAI certified specialist in Bach flower therapy.

Business Coaching

In ’85 – ’90 Monica was collaborate with Benetton – Italian Knitwear as a creative coach

In ’85 – ’90 Monica was collaborate with Exprit – German  Knitwear as a creative coach

In ’89-’90-’91-’92 Monica was a collaborate with Seiko – Japanaise techno company as a creative coach

In 2011 Monica was collaborate with the company as Milka Tenderly Coach campaign for Milka on tenderness as a tenderly coach.

Training & Teaching

monica_giovine_2Monica Giovine is teacher of deep relaxation techniques and EFT – Master practitioner and techniques of emotional independence.

Family Constellations trainer for relationships and couples and she is expert in relational energies.

Monica works from more than 25 years of physical and mental wellbeing , personal growth, improvement and research of their own authentic self , and personal fulfillment.

She is passionate about quantum physics, Monica teaches Soul Channeling & Soul Coaching.

Olistic Center Managed

monica_giovine_3Monica has teacher courses for 20 years at centers of Bio Natural Disciplines all over Italy, and in the ’90s she collaborated with the Italian Centre for Homeopathic in Milan.

Monica Giovine has directed the Epsylon Center in Milano, Italy, Center of Bio Natural Disciplines, pioneer space in Italy about Olistic Therapy, from ’94 to 2001.

In ’94 she founded the school Reiki ” The Rising Sun ” with currently operational headquarters in the Woods Curone, a green area near Milan in Italy.

Previously in the ’80s, she attended courses at centers of personal growth around the world , and has studied and worked for many years in Osaka, Japan, has lived and studied in London, UK and New York, USA.

In 2014 Monica Giovine founded R.I.S. – Reiki International School with branches in all the world, now in UK, USA, Italy, Swisse.

Life Coaching Sessions

Currently Monica Giovine receives in the studio in London, UK, in Milan – IT, and Online via Skype or through sessions around the world, in English or in Italian, or in French language.

Monica Giovine says of her work & passion

“I believe in you, in your authentic yourself – free from your beliefs and not by external influences that can distract you from what you are and what you really feel , for those who want to be and how you want to live. The objective of the course is to create together your “real mission”, follow your talents and your real authentic aspirations thus allowing you to live a life ” truly yours” and serene, happy, love-filled, exciting and rewarding to’ teach your inner freedom and your complete personal fulfillment.”