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KARUNA is a Sanskrit term used in ‘Hinduism, in Buddhism and Zen, which means “compassion” or compassionate action. Karuna Reiki opens up the possibility to work in a closer connection with All and  for being enlightened spiritual masters, inspite  of the faith of all of us. Both those physically present, that those who are pure spiritual state. To attend a Karuna Reiki course, is essential to have received at least the 2nd level of Reiki. The method was developed by an American Karuna Reiki Master, William Lee Rend, whom, together with other Reiki Masters, did an extensive research in the East. Names such as: Marcy Miller, Kellie Ray Marine, Pat Courtney, Catherine Mills Bellamont Abraham and Mary, whom, with William Lee Rend, obtained the Karuna symbols through research and channeling, and they have a very value responded experienced.

Karuna Reiki works directly on all energy bodies.

Karuna  operators have direct experiences with teachers, spiritual leaders, and with your higher self.

An important purpose of Karuna Reiki method is healing with light and set free from shadows.

Painful experiences, limitations, wrong programming that we had in the course of life, or creating  situations  appearing difficult to solve.

Karuna helps us to set free from these constraints, to discover our true self and frees our creativity. We create our own reality, but not only that,  also the unconscious conscious.

Karuna Reiki breaks the causes that can block sometimes the existence or make us  have repetitive episodes.

The part of the mind that creates unwanted experiences is the shadow self.

Your outer reality is a reflection of inner reality.

Thanks to the  Karuna REIKI method,  once you healed the shadow-self is certain you will no more  attract negative experiences, or they will not affect you negatively anymore.

Karuna Reiki was brought to Italy from the United States, on October 6, 1996 by Laura Ellen Gifford and Melinda De Bear, initiated directly from William Lee Rend.

Monica Giovine, in ’97. Monica Giovine repeated the course of Karuna Master  Reiki William Lee,  directly from Rend in Milan (Italy) in ’97.

Monica Giovine is registered with No. 30824, at “The International Center of Reiki Training”, Southfield, Michingan USA, which William Lee Rend is the President.

Karuna Reiki provides a first level course, where the first 4  spiritual tibetan symbols are activated;

a second level course where you are given other  4 additional  spiritual tibetan symbols.

A course of Karuna Master Reiki  to become a Karuna Reiki teacher. 

Karuna Reiki Master Diploma issued to Monica Giovine directly by William Lee Rend – International Center of Reiki Training

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