Reiki International School | Individual courses in London
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REIKI individual courses in London – by appointment


Typically when you attend courses or seminars, receiving the certificate is the confirmation that you learned all the basics, in fact often there should be an examination that demonstrates your knowledge of the subject.

Because during a course of Reiki, that has a duration of only a few hours, you get the certificate.

– The Diploma of REIKI is the proof that you received the activation of the 1st or 2nd or 3rd level or of Reiki Master.

The REIKI certificate, attests that you have had the opening of the channels and you have been harmonized to channel the universal energy and give thanks to the Reiki teachings.

The activation of REIKI is an individual process and, being individually means that is not necessary other people vouches for it, in order to be effective.

During the activation of Reiki, the energy is always activated by only one person at time.

During individual Reiki, all we do is what it takes to LEARN HOW TO USE REIKI, so you will learn self-treatment and treatment on others. It ‘easy and the course is carried out to learn to use Reiki. In addition to treatments on other people, you first have to complete the 4 Reiki energy activations , or energy channel openings, and we will do it during the course of Reiki.

The 4th activation is done for last because it takes at least 1 hour between the first activation and the others and then you have to try out at least 4 self-treatments on yourself to let the Reiki energy flow before you can practise effective Reiki treatments on other people.

The faculty of the possibility of Reiki treatments is given by the fact that we have received the 4 activation energy of Reiki in the first level.

It does not make any difference taking a Reiki course individually or being in 20 or 50 people: it does not change anything to the effectiveness of activations, it only changes the experience but does not change the strenght of the course.

Indeed, in my opinion, Reiki course with too many people (more than 20 people for example) is not good, too much interferencing energies and too many expectations!

On the contrary, having a teacher all for you is a big deal, that is why in general the individual course costs twice or even three times more than the session group, or many teachers do not even try to bring too many people together to the Reiki course. I can personally offer this possibility at the same price of the collective course, WITHOUT CHANGES on the cost.

Reiki_treatmtSince the REIKI activations for level 1 are 4 per person, with one teacher working on all the 4 activations , in case of 20 people, for example, the Reiki Master would need 80 energy Reiki activation and it would take so many further hours more (comparing to the usual time).

The only advantage would be to know other people, but this can be done in any other field, not only in a course of Reiki.

In an individual course we have less (or no) energy interference than in a group course.

The other great advantage of the individual REIKI course is the easy organization. It takes place by appointment so it can be done on any day you are most comfortable of the 7 days of the week,without waiting for a scheduled date. Often people want to attend a course but that day or that weekend have another commitment, and so are forced to wait.

Often the mode of attending a REIKI individual session during a weekly day of appointment is preferred by nurses who have shifts in hospitals or by mothers with family, or other people who want to learn Reiki with a private teacher.

Individual Course of REIKI 1st level by appointment in London – Schedule:

  • We meet at 11.00 and start the individual course of Reiki, we talk about the history of Mikao Usui Reiki and how it developed, how it works and what Reiki is, about energy, what is and what is NOT REIKI
  • Then we do the first activation REIKI before lunch.
  • Then we have a break at around 13.00 or so, for as long as we agree together.
  • After lunch we meet and do the 2nd activation Reiki, then continue talking about energy and chakras, we see REIKI self-treatment and try to do it.
  • Then do the 3rd activation REIKI, after we see the complete Reiki treatment on other people, the faster processor, the first aid treatment, the treatment of localized REIKI, dealing REIKI with children, with the aged, animals (dogs and cats),the plants, water, food. We see the principles of Reiki who Mikao Usui left us.
  • Finally, we do the 4th activation REIKI and six complete in terms of energy to be able to perform Reiki treatments.
  • At the end, you will be given a Diploma of Reiki 1° Level issued by the school “R.I.S. – Reiki International School”, which shows that you have received the 4 Reiki attunements and then you can do Reiki treatments on other people.

Individual Course of REIKI 2nd level by appointment in London – Schedule:

  • We meet at 11.00 then we start to review the REIKI positions, pausing on REIKI holistic healing for each position and how we are going to harmonize the BODY / MIND / SPIRIT.
  • After we see the 3 Reiki symbols of the 2nd level, we learn how to draw them, we know the matra (names), their history, their meaning and their use.
  • Then we proceed to the REIKI activation before lunch, where the 3 symbols are printed onto your hands and your chakras.
  • Then we have a lunch break at around 13.00 or for as long as we agree together.
  • After lunch we meet and see how to use all the 3 Reiki symbols of the 2nd level, how to increase energy, how to purify the house, how to make mental treatment, how to realize the treatments on distance for a person, several people (groups ), for families, events, situations, places.
  • At the end of the course you will be given the 2° Level REIKI Diploma, issued by the school “R.I.S. – Reiki International school” which shows that you have received the activation on level 2 and teachings of Reiki 2nd level.

You can attend the Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki together on the same day at a discount.