Reiki International School | Benefits of Reiki Coaching
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Benefits of Individual Course Reiki (Reiki Coaching)

  • TEACHING : Do you have a private teacher of Reiki at your disposal for a day that just follows you.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF A PERSONAL SITUATION: Should it be necessary, in addition to the classic program we develop a custom theme through the use of Reiki for yourself then you will practice your problem or your situation
  • QUIET & SERENITY: The individual course of Reiki is quieter and takes place in a peaceful atmosphere, friendly and confidential atmosphere.
  • TIMEThe duration of the individual course is much less because we do not have all this time dilation as is the case for group courses, made ​​of long waits , meditations, pauses, waiting to turn others or to follow others , and with a lot less time doing the whole program of the Reiki course and very well (even better)
  • FREEDOM FOR A DATE: The advantage to decide together on the day you more comfortable rather than follow a fixed date
  • PROFITABLE COST : The cost of the individual course of Reiki (all levels) is identical to the collective course despite having a higher value for obvious reasons!