Reiki International School | Anshin Ritsumei
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Anshin Ritsumei – The spiritual journey of Reiki

Anshin Ritsumei means “a life supported by a peaceful mind” 

Anshin Ritsumei represents the summit of a mountain ideal that we want to climb through the path of Reiki practice. The first half of the mountain, the base of the growth, is the practice of Energy, the Reiki treatment. The second part of the mountain is formed by the spiritual practice. To achieve inner peace, we need both: our path is completed and is amplified in the union of the two parties, treatment, Reiki itself (for its growth) and for others, in the everyday practice of the principles and Reiki.  Abandoning all the universal energy, non-attachment, and through the development of values ​​based on the principles of Reiki, you can reach the’ Anshin Ritsumei, the state of inner balance, what in Buddhism and Tao is known as the “lighting”, then the clear vision of everything, inner peace, and that is the ultimate goal of Reiki.